The Scrintal Course


Make sense of your knowledge as you would in real life. Spread your notes around in a board, group them, link them, but go beyond. Access your notes anywhere, collaborate with your team, and connect ideas across the board.

You can do all that and more with the Scrintal app.

In The Scrintal Course, you will learn everything you need to know to use Scrintal and take advantage of it for your own Personal Knowledge Management. It includes:

  • 200+ lessons covering all features available in Scrintal
  • A 18-step Guided Exercise to practice using all Scrintal features in a real use case
  • Advanced PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) lessons to make the best out of Scrintal (including Conceptual Zoom and Inverted Index).
  • Lifetime course updates* (as new Scrintal features are developed).

What is Scrintal?

If you are new to Scrintal, check the video below for a quick overview:

Design Principles

These are the principles I am following to design this course:

  1. Self-paced - You should be able to follow your own pace.
  2. Modular - You shouldn't have to follow the whole course sequentially (unless you wish to). Instead, choose the module you care about and jump straight to it.
  3. Short videos - There is nothing worse than having to save a full hour to learn something. Instead, I want to have all lessons as short videos so you can squeeze in learning at every opportunity around the day. Also, if you need to quickly look up something, you can do that in a few minutes.
  4. Hands-on - There is no learning without practice. So each module contains exercises you can follow step-by-step. After marked as "done", you will also have a walkthrough for each exercise.
  5. Practical Examples - Scrintal is flexible enough to work in multiple ways and for multiple use cases. But learning a tool can be boring without a practical application. So the course contains 'in use' examples for you to get ideas from.

The Instructor

Hi, I'm Bianca Pereira – a researcher, Personal Knowledge Management coach and, most importantly, Scrintal user number 2.

I have been using Scrintal daily for my research, content creation, some aspects of my business, and teaching of Knowledge Management.

I have been a part of the Scrintal community since the app was still a drawing (yes, before there was even an app, really!). After a few months testing the waters, I was impressed by the app and decided to dive into it. I imported all my notes from Obsidian into Scrintal and haven't looked back.

As of today (January 31st 2024) I have 4,072 cards and 129 boards in my main account, plus another account that I use just for teaching.

In this Scrintal course, I will share everything I know about each feature in the app, but also share practices I have learned and developed over time. Something you won't find anywhere 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it include a Scrintal license?

No. The course teaches you how to use Scrintal but you will need to purchase a Scrintal license separately.

On which platform is the course hosted?

The course is hosted in Mighty Networks. After purchasing, you will receive an invitation to join the platform at the date of our first release.

What is the refund policy?

This course follows a 'no impulse buying' policy.

That means, if you happen to have purchased on an 'impulse' and regretted up to 5 days later. Let me know via and I will issue you a full refund.

No refunds are given after 5 days.

Do you provide video captions?

There are two types of video lessons:

  • Reference lessons - these are very short video clips without audio. Instead, they are accompanied by text.
  • Explanation and Walkthrough lessons - these are longer video lessons with automatically generated captions.

*What do lifetime course updates mean?

Is it my lifetime? Your lifetime? Lifetime in the context of this product means "for as long as I support this product". So if I am still selling the product and updating it, it means it is still during its "lifetime". When I stopped supporting this product (and selling it) then the lifetime is over.

I usually don't like "lifetime" anything because it is hard for me to envision when a product will be discontinued and vague for you at the time of purchase. So, to be more practical, I am supporting this product until December/2024 (and this date will be reviewed again closer to the end of the year)

Any other questions?

Please send an email to if you have any questions.

I want this!

No impulse buying

If you happen to have purchased on an 'impulse' and have regretted up to 5 days later. Let me know via and I will issue a full refund.

No refunds given after the 5 day period.

Last updated Aug 22, 2023

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The Scrintal Course

I want this!