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Become a research patron of the Thinking Cafe and get a sneak peek of my research journey.

My name is Bianca Pereira and I do PhD-level research in Computer Science. My current topic of interest is "Exploring AI as a Thinking Partner for Sensemaking via Note-Taking" and that is my departing point.

Research is often seen as an isolated endeavour, but it doesn't need to be.

In this programme I want to invite you to follow along my research journey and learn about the backstage processes of real research.

Tiers Explained

Tap Water - show your support to my research without anything in return. For the price of Tap Water (which is free in any cafe in Ireland) cheer me up an make sure I won't go thirsty.

Cappuccino - for the price of one cappucino per month, you get what we would discuss in a 20-minutes conversation over coffee. Including items such as:

  • Recent reading list
  • Summary of learning, research findings, or challenges
  • Explanations on my research decisions
  • and all sorts of things you would find in a research supervisor report.

Hot chocolate - for the price of a hot chocolate per month (my favourite beverage), you get what we would discuss over a relaxed 40+ minutes chat. Including:

  • Everything in the cappuccino tier.
  • Video comments and/or walkthroughs of some of my research processes (e.g. reading a source, taking notes, preparing experiments, searching for sources, literature review, preparing a paper, etc.)
  • Bi-monthly Q&A sessions (i.e. each 2 months) where you can ask me anything about the research process.

Dinner - for the price of a 3-course dinner a month, let's have a chat. This tier includes:

  • Everything in the hot chocolate tier.
  • Access to the whole archive of videos and reports.
  • A private channel where you can ask more about my research processes (in Mighty Networks).

Reserve a Table - sometimes you prefer to have a private chat about all things research. I learn about your research, you learn about mine, you ask how I solve specific problems, and we may even come to collaborate, who knows? This tier includes:

  • Everything in the dinner tier.
  • 2 x one-hour private Zoom calls about research and the research process.

Become a cafe sponsor - would like for you (or your business) to become a major sponsor? Send an email to and let us have a chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I share Intellectual Property rights?

As a patron you don't get rights over Intellectual Property generated by this research. Instead, you get a sneak peek of the research processes and any results that can be made publicly available.

Who is the researcher?

Most people fall in this page because they know me already, but if that was not your case you can find more about me on Twitter, Youtube, or in my Google Scholar profile.

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No impulse buying

This programme is for people who believe in my research and would like to support me while learning more about my research process.

If you happen to have purchased on an 'impulse' and have regretted up to 5 days later. Let me know via and I will issue a full refund.

Last updated Jul 13, 2023

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