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Prolific Researcher Mentorship: Accelerate Your Research-Based Writing

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A step-by-step programme to help you build a low-friction workflow to capture, organise, and grow your ideas (and reading) into research-based content.

Are you a writer, creator, marketer, journalist or researcher wanting to publish your knowledge into long-form content?

What if I tell you there is a system you can use to accelerate your research-based writing?

A system that can help you:

  • Find your sources again in 1-click,
  • Solve the feeling of scattered thoughts,
  • Resurface your ideas when you need them,
  • Make sense of knowledge from multiple sources,
  • Build your original contribution from what you read and explore, and
  • Turn your ideas and reading into research-based writing.

Imagine where you would be if you could have a system that removes all friction from writing your research-based outputs.

What would you be able to accomplish ?

Because we know that research-based writing is more than putting words on a page.

It is all about building the IDEAS you want to communicate and the SOURCES you need to make sense of.

Truth 1: Prolific researchers are not prolific by accident.. it is all about their systems.

Truth 2: You won’t learn this system in school (not even in the PhD).

Look, you can spend your time creating an ad-hoc system, or perhaps trying to patch together all the free advice you see on-line. You might be able to put something together, but you run the risk of wasting months on dead-end strategies that are suboptimal for research or that won’t work for YOU.

Or, you can join us to develop your own personalised Knowledge Management system. A system that will lead you to faster research and creating more impact with your work.

The knowledge that would normally take OVER ONE YEAR to acquire (if you have vast research experience) or over four years (if you don’t), will be delivered to you in just ONE MONTH through our programme.

And we will provide the support you need to put that knowledge into practice for the following 4 months.

I want this!

Here’s what is inside..

  • A 1:1 onboarding call where we discuss your specific Knowledge Management challenges.
  • Self-paced curriculum with all the content taught in the mentorship that you can review again later.
    • 8+ hours of material broken down into 2-to-5 minutes lessons that you can follow at your own pace.
    • Mindset shifts to avoid perfectionism when taking notes.
    • 7 Methods for knowledge capture depending on your note-taking goals.
    • 6 Mindsets and 3 methods to make the best of your reading.
    • 10 Sensemaking strategies to grow your own original ideas from your notes.
    • A strategy to create strong research arguments within your Idea Management system.
    • A method to outline a research output from your notes.
    • .. and more.
  • 18 live sessions to get your questions answered, get hands-on experience, and receive personalised feedback (at 7am UTC and 5pm UTC to accommodate people in different timezones).
    • 6 curriculum live sessions to review the self-paced content and do exercises (7am UTC).
    • 12 co-working sessions so you can get hands-on experience and get personal feedback.
  • 2 months of free access to the Scrintal app to try it out.
  • Access to community events including roundtable discussions, guest workshops, Q&A sessions, co-working sessions, and hot seat coaching.
  • Access to the archive of 20+ recordings of previous community events.

I want this!

Who is the mentor?


My name is Bianca Pereira and I will be your mentor in this journey.

I learned the hard way that academia does not teach you the research skills to succeed as a researcher and that no one teaches Personal Knowledge Management there, even when all researchers do is to work with knowledge.

After having suffered burnout and quit my 1st PhD in 2015 I decided it was time to change.

Books, courses, workshops, communities. I consumed all information I possibly could and tailored it all to the research practice, as there is no real knowledge without the nuances of the practice.

The effort payed off.

I published papers and a patent, became project manager in industry-academia collaborations, mentored other early career researchers, got my own grant proposal accepted and led my own project (something uncommon for researchers without a PhD).

In 5 years I got from a medical emergency burnout to a successful early career researcher.

But tell me... Do you have 5 years to waste?

That's why I built the Prolific Researcher community. To accelerate the research journey of research-driven writers, both those in the academic journey and those who never want to set a foot in academia.

In the mentorship, I teach you a system built from 13 years of experience as a researcher.

Having struggled myself, I find it easy to identify where other people are struggling. And having walked the hard path, I want YOUR path to be easy.

This is my proposal for the Prolific Researcher Community.

So I am looking forward to working with you.

— Bianca Pereira, researcher and Knowledge Management coach

You can also find me on the Prolific Researcher Playbook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Here is what previous students have said about the mentorship..

"I was working today on a paper draft I did a few months ago before the cohort and my notes then weren’t helpful, but I have spent an hour or so turning what I had into atomic notes and linking ideas, and it’s been awesome, I had so much done that I did not know! Also I seem to understand everything much better now that I’ve done it this way. "

— Raquel Gonzalez, PhD candidate in plant biodiversity

"I started my PKM journey backwards when my intention was to get to the heart of processing research for output using modern day tools and technologies. But I dove head first into the the tools and technologies that enable PKM. Bianca was paramount in closing the loop for me… finally! She’s packaged academic research skills in a format that’s accessible for amateur researchers to make meaningful contributions and create real impact in any endeavour."

– Anonymous, Chief Marketing Officer and Founder

“I did some research before and studied history at university but it was the first time I encountered a course and someone who explains so clearly basic concepts of research like idea management and how to read a source. In less than five minutes I understood something that in 5 years of study I didn’t. The course is great, for researcher and for all kind of people, because everybody should know how to read a source, how to use critical thinking, it is such an important skill. I will surely use everything I learn in this course in future projects that are not necessarily research related. I know feel more confident to write articles and how to use source and literature to do so.”

— Adeline Barnault, Cultural Mediator

"I have been exploring various approaches to personal knowledge management for several years, to support my research and writing. Bianca is an excellent teacher with the ability to introduce concepts incrementally and clearly--with a lovely, gentle sense of humor. I also enjoyed connecting with the other participants, who were an interesting and diverse bunch of generous, thoughtful folks--some of us will be remaining in contact with each other. I now have a number of new tools that will help manage the overwhelm of working on complex projects."

-- Deborah Robson, Writer and Workshop Instructor

“I kept losing my thoughts and insights on what I had read when I would need it while writing or creating any argument. I had read books and seen several YouTube videos on how to build a PKM but when I was trying to implement them for my own self I ran into problems of scale.

This course helped me to cut the clutter about PKMs in my brain and present the core principles in a very useful and implementable way. Having someone experienced guiding through examples is always helpful. Also Bianca’s style of presentation is very warm, welcoming and informal creating a very comfortable learning environment for everyone.

I can see that in the future my PKM potentially can finally be a help rather than a hinderance.”

– Shashwat Tiwari, Podcaster

Join the Mentorship today

When is the next group getting started?

Monday, October 30th

Curriculum live sessions: Fridays, November 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th.

Co-working sessions: Mondays, November 6th, 13th and 20th.

Hot seat coaching sessions: Monday, November 27th

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the mentorship different from other Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) courses?

Everything is tailored to research-based writing. Also, we don't focus on how to use specific note-making tools. Instead, we go all the way from the mindsets useful for research, to the methods and, only then, investigating how to use your preferred tool for that.

Here is what previous students have to say:

The material is impressive and original. It is not repetitive to what other PKM courses are doing. So far, I don’t even think I could see an overlap of concepts in the materials of week one. (I have attended two of the main PKM courses in the market).”

– Jonathan Israel Tan, Senior Commercial Manager (Med Tech)

I already participated in other courses about knowledge management and was looking for a course for people with an academic background. (…) Tasks and challenges during these different learning settings helped me to not just absorb the well-explained concepts but to put it into action inside my own knowledge portfolio. Bianca’s course changed my approach to knowledge management.”

– Silvia Retzlaff, PhD Student

Is the mentorship only for academic researchers?

The mentorship is for:

  • Journalists who collect evidence to publish research-backed long form pieces.
  • Content marketers who create authoritative content for the brands they represent.
  • Academics and professional researchers who want to produce original knowledge.
  • Lifelong learners who want to move from consuming knowledge to creating knowledge.
  • Writers who use research as the backbone of their work.

Do I need to have experience with Knowledge/Idea Management to join?

Not at all. The programme covers everything from the ground up. But don't listen to me. Here are the words from a previous student:

I started the course with little to no knowledge about PKM [Personal Knowledge Management], and about to embark on a MA research program after many years of being in the work world.

The course was very enlightening, packed with useful skills and techniques to help me lay down a good PKM foundation for my MA program. This is now helping me immensely to digest and reflect on all the new knowledge I am gaining and, more importantly, to generate my own for the purpose of creating a knowledge portfolio.”

– Samar Nahas, MA candidate

I want this!

What is the minimum time commitment?

The minimum time commitment for the first month is 5 hours/week.

This already includes attending the live sessions, doing the basic exercises and working (a bit) on your own idea management system.

What is the time of the live sessions?

All curriculum sessions will happen on Fridays 5pm UTC.

The co-working sessions and hot seat coaching will happen on Mondays at 7am UTC and 5pm UTC. Both sessions will have the same structure, so you can choose to attend just one of them or both.

Guest workshops and other monthly events happen at varied times.

All events are recorded so you can watch them at your own time.

Do you offer payment plans?

We have a 3-month payment option. Please reach out to contact@biancapereira.me to learn more.

Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarship applications are now closed.

What is the Refund Policy?

I want this experience to be the most useful to you.

If that is not what you expected, you can cancel your participation up to November 3rd 2023 (our first live session) for any reason and you will receive full refund (all your money back).

After that date (and until the end of the live course), we will retain €450 as a cancellation fee and return all the rest of your payment.

No refund given after the live course has finished.

I want this!

Any other questions?

If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to contact at contact@biancapereira.me. I will be more than happy to chat!

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

'Try out' money back guarantee

I want this experience to be the most useful to you.

If that is not what you expected, you can cancel your participation up to November 3rd 2023 (our first live session) for any reason and you will receive full refund (all your money back).

After that date (and until the end of the first Build Your Knowledge Portfolio live course), we will retain €450 as a cancellation fee and return all the rest of your payment.

No refund given after the first Build Your Knowledge Portfolio live course has finished.

Last updated Oct 4, 2023

Price does not include VAT or other local taxes.


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Prolific Researcher Mentorship: Accelerate Your Research-Based Writing

11 ratings